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Best Tonneau Cover?

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Sorry if this is not the appropriate section (mods feel free to move) but I just got a new skiff mule (Silverado) and need a Tonneau cover. Recommendations on this site always seem to hit the mark so thought I’d ask. Thanks!
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My fancy folding tonneau lasted <3 years in the sun. All the seals shrank and leaked. Presently lots of gorilla tape. If you didn’t lose bed space, I would get a metal retractable roll up. Looking at toppers now.
I had a tri fold on my Tundra that could open from the end of the bed, or from the head of the bed. It also locked, but you pry it up if you really wanted in. It also could be completely removed. Let me see if I can find the brand - I liked it.

I went with a Retrax on my F150 but I got a standard size bed, not a short bed. That allowed me the extra space for the roll up. I love it, except when it is hot outside - you could fry an egg on it.
Extang Solid Fold. I had a soft fabric one before this one. Get a hard shell aluminum on. You can set gear on there while getting ready and it is much more functional. I now have a cap and a decked system in my truck bed. I think that is the best thing if doable. Our the decked system and a trifold cover. The worst thing about the tonneaus is stuff will get up into the bed and you have to either unfold it or crawl in there. The Decked system helps solve that problem. I live rods and shotguns in mine since they are lockable.
Be careful if you have the multifunction tailgate, many tonneaus will prevent using the fold down assist handle that comes with it. Only one I found for my Sierra that works was the Leer trifold which I like.
I have a retrax on my f150 for 6 years and sits outside and barely gets a proper wash and it is still going strong. I had a roll n Lock on last truck and not as nice but still worked fine.
I have a Retrax combined with a Yakima Overhaul rack. The whole setup was crazy expensive but I’m SO happy with that setup.
The Retrax is strong enough to support up to 500 pounds so the 1’ loss in bed length due to the roll up is offset by the ability to to load on top of the tonneau, not to mention the ability to load onto the rack. The rack also makes a great frame for a makeshift tent which allows me to pull the boat and comfortably sleep in the bed of the truck on overnight trips.
They sell a lot of cool looking accessories for the Yakima although I don’t have any. But like I said it’s pretty expensive. I think I paid around $3500 for everything four years ago and that was installing it all myself, which was not hard to do.
I have the Bak flip now for about two years and I'm happy with it. Had the rollin lock on my trucks before and was told their quality had dropped off while the price went through the roof.
I've got a quad fold on my F150. I don't remember the brand right now, but I've had it on the truck for a year and a half with no leaks. Its easy to take off and install, and worth every penny. And I have the tailgate extender as well. It keeps stuff from sliding around.
I had a adarac on my F150. I liked the roll up tonneau because I did not lose bed space. I also had a bed rack from Adarac. The two never interfered with one another. I am in the process of doing the same to my new Colorado. I will say the Adarac is the best I have used between Thule and Yakima. Others opinions may differ.
I use my truck, Chevy Silverado heavy 3/4 ton 4x4 long bed that I use for work everyday and put equipment and tools in, very expensive instruments. I have had the ARE lift type: Don't recommend because the lift cylinders will fail and it just doesn't go up high enough to get to the bed in the front without crawling under it on your knees. I have had the Bak Flip: Works good for about two years and then begins to fall apart, is leak free mostly but it deteriorates and is a hassle to fold up. I have a metal covered with vinyl rolling type now, Roll-N-Lock A-Series X2. It has lasted the longest and works very good.You can get to the front of the bed easily, is fairly dry but will leak near the front corners a little, but I think the seal could be a made little better. Use a thicker weather strip when installing. I do like it the best and you can lock it up.
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Was a tough decision between the retrax and bakflip. Ended up with the retrax liked the hidden mechanism and seems to be of really high quality. Thanks for all the suggestions should have it installed next week I’ll post some pics hopefully 👍
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