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    I have a few blocks of wood coated and sealed with epoxy that I need to attach under gunnel to screw a set of rod holders into. 5200 takes too long to cure, had it clamped for over 24 hours and still has not set. I was leaning toward a two part epoxy adhesive like Loctite but was wondering if anyone else has any better solutions. I'm limited on room so glassing them in is out of the question. Thx guys..
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    4200 is a fast cure or use the same epoxy you sealed the wood with

  3. Brett

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    I keep a couple bottles of 5 minute epoxy for just what you describe.
    Sand the two surfaces to be bonded, Mix a small amount of fast set,
    apply and clamp in position. Works fine, it's what's holding my pushpole blocks in place.


    The clip screws only bite into the block, not the deck.
    Can't leak if it doesn't go through... ;)
  4. AfterHours2

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    Thx for the info guys. I had some of the quick cure epoxy left so I just clamped one down. I think I will give it about an hour or so before I release the clamp. Thx again..
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    a better move would be to wax the area a few times,mix up some west system combined with 403 adhesive additive - mix the lamintion mix thick,spread it and and let it kick...this will prvide the strongest bond,provided you "roughed up" the area prior to laminating ...

    not a big fan of "5 min epoxy"