Best method for templating a deck

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  1. Dave_Surfs

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    Hello all. I'm working on on older Gheenoe. She's a 1992 vintage, 15'9" hull. I love her and would like to put a simple deck in front of the rear seat covering the space up to the middle bench (w/ the live well). The intention is to put a hatch left and right, and be able to move up a little easier to untangle one son from the other, or when solo make it a bit easier to move up to the front seat w/ the trolling motor.

    My question is what's the best way to trace the template of the interior hull so the sides of the deck are as flush as possible w/ the sides of the hull?


  2. firecat1981

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    I've used some cheap cardboard and a compass (kind for making circles, not navigating) put a strip of cardboard up to one side and hold the compas paralled to the hull side set at just a few inches and simply draw line, the compass will follow the curves so the line will match the hull.

    Cut it out and check it, if it fits, great and start on the other side, if not try again. Once you've done both sides tape them together with the proper spacing in between and check them. It's easier then it sounds ;)

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    Use three pieces of material. I buy masonite (1/8") for about $8.00. I cut two pieces about 6"x 36" or however long you want. The third piece is about 8" x 36". Take the first two pieces and use a short 2x4 (3"long) and hold it parallel to the center line of the boat while touching the edge of the side of the boat and trace the sides of the boat on the masonite. If you have done this right both pieces should match up to the sides perfectly. While they are in place against the sides of the boat glue lengths of the 8" masonite to the scribed pieces. When the glue dries you have a pattern.
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    Thank you Gentlemen. I knew there had to be some experienced folks out there willing to share. I'll post some pics as the project progresses.

    Thanks Again!
  5. riptide

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    i use 1/8 lluan and hot glue it together