Best hull selection?

Discussion in 'Big Boat Bragging Spot' started by Kane_Thorp, Apr 21, 2013.

  1. Kane_Thorp

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    I'm torn between a 150 and a 200 yamaha vmax hpdi. I'm wondering which motor will have better hull options. Criteria-55-65mph, rides good in 1-2fters drafts under 13", ample rod storage. Looking for an old hull in good shape for about 6k or les. I've thought of scout 192 old maverick MA or redfisher. Any thoughts on these boats and there availability hull only?
  2. cutrunner

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    You absolutely will not go wrong with a maverick master angler with eithef a 150 or 200. Great boat, especially for what you want to do

  3. Kane_Thorp

    Kane_Thorp I Love catching reds!!

    So will a 200 be ok on a 18? Have you seen any master anglers for around 6k?
  4. DuckNut

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    Only ones that need a complete rebuild.
  5. acraft1720

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    A friend of mine sold an 18 Master angler a couple of years ago (90's model) that was in good shape with a Vmax 150 for around $7500-$8000 so you can find one but it might be a little older hull. Just make sure to check into condition of the stringers on any old hull. If you're going 200 an Action Craft 1890 would be great for that power and is a shallow boat for it's size.
  6. iMacattack

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    A 150 would give more option in the large flats boat/ small bay boat area. If you are looking used and in the 6K range then these boats would have been rated for 150 or less.

    I've been on a MA and own the 192 Scout. MA is a large flats boat, the Scout is a "hybrid" flats/bay boat. Both have some advantages and disadvantages. The 192 IMHO rides better then the MA. The MA has better rod storage. See here what I had to do to my Scout 192 to make rod storage usable.

    Finding an old boat without a motor will be more challenging. most for sale will be powered.

    Best of luck on your search.

  7. Kane_Thorp

    Kane_Thorp I Love catching reds!!

    Thanks guys. Got a backcountry 201 proguide and I absolutely LOVE it! It has storage out the wazu, fast, stable. everything.