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Heads up:

Article in Machinery Lubrication Jan-Feb 2014- “Choosing a Multi-Purpose Grease Lithium Complex or Calcium Sulfonate” :

Read the article if you are interested in the details, but the bottom line is, that by far, the best is grease is Calcium Sulfonate based, by far (in all applications, Transport, Marine, Ag, Drilling, Food)!

One Calcium Sulfonate based grease is Kendall SHP, see specs sheet - SHP Grease TDSw 726740.pdf


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Who woulda thunk there was a magazine for lubricating machinery?

Great info on the Kendall SHP grease…looks like a perfect application for keeping the jack plate and external motor parts well lubed…thanks!

PS: looked online and can't find 1 place that sells it?
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