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    I've seen a lot of posts about ways to hide your skiff. Here's how I do it. I've created a blind that covers the entire boat from the waterline to the top of my head. It sits on the boat and straps in place so there's no drilling or boat mods necessary.
    The blind frame is made of hinged fiberglass tubes, an old push pole or a old Shakespeare 390-1 works well. Just cut and fiberglass pieces together. I mount them to angled aluminum for the hinge and bolt to a 2x4. the 2x4 has carpet on the bottom so not to scratch the boat. then the board is strapped down to cleats or whatever.
    The curtains are made from a plastic mesh material I got at home depot. Same stuff they use to keep birds out of gardens. I put some wind blocker black material inside that to keep the wind down, its cold on open water in NC. Then I bought a bunch of raffia grass from They import the stuff and dye it different colors. I tie that to plastic mesh material.
    In all I probably have about $350 in the whole setup. It takes about 3 minutes to set up and take down once the decoys are out of the boat.
    I used to have it mounted on an all white 18ft flat bottom skiff and currently its mounted on a 17ft Atlantic Well Boat (it's currently for sale) and neither of the boats ever flared a bird. Happy Hunting.

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