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Best Budget Camera

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I'm looking into getting my fiance a camera as a wedding present, as she is wanting to start taking pictures when we go out on the boat. I know nothing about cameras, so I was hoping you guys could point me in the right direction. This camera would mostly be used for photographing waterfowl, tailing fish, and landscapes. I really don't want to break the bank, as I don't know if it will be something she sticks with or not. Ideally I'd like to be all in, with lens and camera around $750 or lower, but lets say a max of $1k. Amazon currently has a Canon EOS 80D with 18-135mm lens for around $850, not sure if anyone has any experience with that camera. When I was a kid my grandfather always used a Canon, but that was in the film days, back before everything went digital. Thank you in advance for any advice.
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Lots of good advise here. I sold off about $40,000 worth of equipment a couple of yeare ago and now use my iPhone 13Pro. It’s waterproof and compact. You always have it with you. You can put it on a tripod and trigger it with your watch. It makes outstanding video. It has three lenses and the new iPhone14 Pro is even better. The only drawback is that they don’t have a very long lens. Perfect for portraits, night photography, landscapes or anytime you need to make an image without having to have a lot of equipment. My images can not be differentiated from when I used my professional equipment. The difference is that I treat my iPhone camera as if it were a professional camera. I use Lightroom and Photoshop for editing. The editing is where the difference lies between great photos and snapshots. Having a camera and lenses is only half of the equation. If your girlfriend develops a passion for photography there are tons of videos on line where she can learn how to use her equipment and edit them afterward. Photography is not a cheap hobby but, like fishing and hunting, can provide you with a lifetime of enjoyment. These images were all made with an iPhone and edited in LR on my iPad.
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Water Bird Plant Beak Lake

Water Sky Cloud Shorts Fedora

Water Sky Cloud Fish Fin

Cloud Water Sky Water resources Plant

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They’ll have to pry my 70-200 2.8L from my cold dead hands!! 🤣😂🤣
Yes, that’s a great lens. I had that one and the 500, 600, 400 and several shorter/wide angle lenses. All great Cannon lenses.
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Bird Accipitridae Sky Beak Falcon
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I don’t do birding or sports, so never got into the tele lenses. And thank god I haven’t!! $$$$. That eagle photo is killer!! 🇺🇸👍👍
Thanks for the compliment. I shot wildlife and landscapes for a little over 10 years with conventional SLR professional equipment(Canon). I traveled the country for months at a time as well as shooting locally. The thrill for me then and now is being in wild places, mostly alone. With digital photography no one touches my images but me. I am the whole process, from composing and executing the shot to editing the RAW image into what I actually saw. It’s even easier now with the cloud and iPad using LightRoom and PS for iPad. I don’t even use my computer anymore. With my iPhone uploading instantly into the cloud my images are ready for editing in my iPad almost instantly.
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@Zaraspook I transitioned to an iPad Pro just last year. The thing is a powerhouse with the M1 and Lightroom. Not the greatest for culling 2000+ wedding photos, but it is still wet behind the ears. I’m hoping I can finally ditch my pc. 🤞🏻
Ha! Luckily I have never had to shoot humans but this was always just a serious hobby for me. I shoot more humans with my iPhone because it’s just so handy and most of the time they don’t even know I’m shooting them which makes for the best shots. Incidentally, the portrait mode on the iPhone Pro is equal to portrait lenses that cost thousands of dollars!
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I’d love to do my editing on an iPad. Been using capture one. Any idea if that works well?
I just watched a review comparing LR with CaptureOne. The reviewers thought LR was superior in several ways. One important thing is that LR uses sliders which is far superior to CaptureOnes round wheel. LR for iPad is so similar to LR for computers that there is almost no learning curve like there is between CaptureOne for iPad and for computer. They are completely different. Don’t know about CaptureOne but the transition from LR to PS is one click there and one click back. It sounds like CaptureOne is a Canadian product. Every professional and serious hobbyists photographer I know uses LR/PS. Sorry, I just don’t know much about CaptureOne.
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