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Best big water flats boat

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I live in the panhandle of florida, specifically Destin area. I am looking for a a large flats boat. I have had everything from a 21 ft trophy cuddy cabin, bay boats, and currently fish out of a 18ft bass tracker center console. I'm looking for a flats boat that can handle open water crossing bays and run along the beach on calm days. I will be using a trolling a motor 90% of the time and poling 10% of the time if any. It will be fished also in tournaments at least once a month. Would like a wide stable boat with room. I have two kids(9 & 3 years old) that I take on the boat regularly. I have a budget of $20,000. Can be a older boat I dont mind working on. I would prefer 18ft and up but would be fine with a 16 footer if it had a nice ride. I've been looking at Mavericks, action crafts, key west, and hewes. What other brands should I look at and what models.
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A lot of the larger 20+ foot flats boats might as well be a bay boat. I wouldn't hesitate to buy a bay boat for your situation to be honest, I really like the Action Craft Coastal Bay if you can find one used in the right price range. Anyway if you don't like that idea then I really like the Action Craft 2020 also, because like I said, it's basically a bay boat. Runs 50+ with a 200, tons of storage, a livewell large enough for a slot cobia, two other livewells with enough room for plenty of white bait or finger mullet or scrimps. Eats up a chop pretty good and relatively dry unless you insist on running 40 in 2 footers.
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