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Best big water flats boat

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I live in the panhandle of florida, specifically Destin area. I am looking for a a large flats boat. I have had everything from a 21 ft trophy cuddy cabin, bay boats, and currently fish out of a 18ft bass tracker center console. I'm looking for a flats boat that can handle open water crossing bays and run along the beach on calm days. I will be using a trolling a motor 90% of the time and poling 10% of the time if any. It will be fished also in tournaments at least once a month. Would like a wide stable boat with room. I have two kids(9 & 3 years old) that I take on the boat regularly. I have a budget of $20,000. Can be a older boat I dont mind working on. I would prefer 18ft and up but would be fine with a 16 footer if it had a nice ride. I've been looking at Mavericks, action crafts, key west, and hewes. What other brands should I look at and what models.
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Thanks for all the replies. I have been looking at action crafts. Obviously everyone has good things to say about the 1720. I've read that the 1720 rides better than the 1820 is this true. Also what is the differences between the 1810 and the 1820. The other boat that I have seen that I like is the older scout sportfish 192 does anyone have any experience with these.
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