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Best 3 Man Tent to Take on a Skiff

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A friend of mine and myself were going to take our boats and go camping. Do a little extended trip and stay for few nights away from civilization along the wild Texas coast. Fly fishing mostly, around April after spring break is over. Looking for a 3 man tent, one for each of us (no Broke Back mountain here). Looking for something light, will stay dry and pack small. What have you tried and what has worked best? I am looking at the North Face Homestead Domey 3, any thoughts, something better? This will be set up on land at a chosen good wild spot to camp and not on the skiff.
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If you are each going to have a tent, why a 3 man tent? I use a 2 man as a single person tent. The Sierra Designs Clip Flashlight tent packs small and is 4lbs. I’ve had mine for 16 years and it is tough. Great tent.
We have hogs and a lot of mosquitos on the barrier islands of the Texas coast. I want a little distance from the sides of the tent and also will store some gear in it. A three man tent is not much heavier than a 2 man and gives extra space for one person. It will only be me in the tent. I guess I am paranoid.
I was born on a Texas barrier island. I wouldn’t worry about pigs and the Clip Flashlight can handle mosquitoes and no see ums.
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