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Best 3 Man Tent to Take on a Skiff

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A friend of mine and myself were going to take our boats and go camping. Do a little extended trip and stay for few nights away from civilization along the wild Texas coast. Fly fishing mostly, around April after spring break is over. Looking for a 3 man tent, one for each of us (no Broke Back mountain here). Looking for something light, will stay dry and pack small. What have you tried and what has worked best? I am looking at the North Face Homestead Domey 3, any thoughts, something better? This will be set up on land at a chosen good wild spot to camp and not on the skiff.
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I have a 6 person tent by Eureka! Put three air mattresses and duflle bags (clothes) it is perfect size when my family camped.

i always increase the number of people x 2 to spec ratio for comfort.
Meaning if tent says 6, you can do 4. Tent says 4 you can do 2.

so for the price of a 6 man tent get 3 tents each rated for 2 peopleYour buddys burp, snore and fart just like you do. You really want to be sleeping next to two of them?

And then there’s the middle of the night piss. You want to be stumbling over someone or them over you? Being woken to the sound of unzip and zip of the tent door?

shop Amazon or Offer up. Coleman makes some decent tents.
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