Bench Seat Repair Advice Needed....

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  1. doates

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    Hello to all!!! I have searched everywhere for a previous topic or some advice on the proper way to repair a front bench seat that is cracked and caves in when any weight is applied. I have posted several pictures of the seat in question. I have had several thoughts on possible repair ideas but since this is my first time doing something like this I have no idea the correct and best way to proceed. At first I thought I should cut out the cracked section and fiberglass over it. Then I thought maybe I should just sand it down and fiberglass over it. :-/ ... As you can probably see I am in need of some advice.  I am going to glass a deck in over the seat once it is repaired.If that makes a difference in the way I should precede.
    Pics of problem can be seen at the link below. Thanks for any and all advice.
  2. topnative2

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    If I remember correctly on a B52 the seat is actually streching across and on top of the floatation compartments-----I would just cut it all off now and put your deck in now ---you will have to do it eventually----least expensive plywood and glass

  3. DuckNut

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    There is a piece of wood as a backer, that is shot, which allowed the glass to crack. It needs to be taken out and replaced.

    You can cut the top off and fasten in a new piece of wood and then glass over it.
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