Beefing up an Evinrude

Discussion in 'Outboard Maintenance' started by rkmurphy, Dec 8, 2008.

  1. rkmurphy

    rkmurphy Well-Known Member

    Anyone know if the above motor could be beefed up to a 15 or more reliably? And is it really that easy to change it to short shaft?
  2. B.Lee

    B.Lee Well-Known Member

    It looks like it may be easy to change the shaft length with a new 15" vertical driveshaft and water tube.

    The parts list shows different carbs, but I'm not sure about any other differences there may be.

    NADA lists it at 114 lbs for the 20" shaft, a bit heavy for 10hp, but not a bad price I guess.

    *edit* I thought that link might take you right to it, but it didn't work.  pick a 1998 E10F... model.

  3. rkmurphy

    rkmurphy Well-Known Member

    Don't want to jump to any conclusions but looks like it might just be a simple carb change. How quick would that push a LT15? What about an LT25? Considering those two by next summer.
  4. Flyline

    Flyline Won "Do More With Less" Award!

    U are looking at 9.9hp evinrude HIGH THRUST 4-stroke motor, that motor is designed to push heavy boat with more trust. It's like a 9.9hp evinrude with 25hp lower unit with prop, so u are looking at wrong motor Just look for regular 9.9-25hp 2-stroke or 4-stroke tiller model without powerthrust or high thrust.

    9.9hp evinrude highthrust wil push u 15mph instead 20 mph with 9.9hp without highthrust.

    15" or 20" shaft motor will fit all LT 15 or 25.

    My 2 cents.
  5. rkmurphy

    rkmurphy Well-Known Member

    whitesnooky you're a dream crusher :'(

    How's you're new LT coming?
  6. Flyline

    Flyline Won "Do More With Less" Award!

    Don't worry....there's plenty of motors out there with better deal and newer motor.

    There's plenty of time for it.....don't rush.

    I love it! Keep it light and simple........I'm going to hang 25hp yamaha 2-stroke when the electric jackplate comes in about 4 to 5 month depend on the build.

    I have a new 2003 yamaha 15hp 2-stroke for sale with carbon marine tillerpiller and tinytach...only 22 hours on the motor......a great deal!
  7. rkmurphy

    rkmurphy Well-Known Member

    I know it's a purdy motor...but I don't have the funds right now :(