Beach Trip post front

Discussion in 'Photo Hut' started by skinny_water, Mar 7, 2010.

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    Just after the mini front on Tues they were predicting tides +2.0 over standard high tide. Add to that 30mph winds. So we headed to the beach to see what had washed up after the tide change. We were not the only ones! These Seagulls were lined up ever 4ft or so....for about 200yards! This is the end of the beach with a natural limestone break so things get washed up here all the time.

    There is a seawall that leads over to a semi-private beach called Point of Rocks. I go out there all the time to search the tide pools. This guy was swept up onto the seawall that is normally about 3ft above water level.

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    Love that area. We usually head over there a few times during the summer to stay for long weekends. I love the beach fishing in that area. Never brought the boat over there but I'm sure it is just as good.

    That is definitely a high tide as that wall is usually way out of the water.