Battery storage in console

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  1. jmrodandgun

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    I use a 45qt yeti as a tiller console. It has my grab bar and ram mounted GPS bolted to the side. I very rarely use it as fish storage so I thought it would make for a cleaner in stall if I put my 40 amp/hr GPS battery in the cooler and just used it as dry storage.

    An ice mule will fit inside with the battery box and a few small things so I can still keep drinks and whatnot if I wanted.

    Would ventilation be a problem for the battery?
  2. crisslackwater

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    Ventilation is a good thing for batteries.

  3. timemachine

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    batteries can sometimes put off hydrogen and oxygen gasses. These together, in the right concentration, with a spark, can blow up.
  4. cutrunner

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    You can get away with it if it's a gel or agm battery. If it's a standard lead/acid then no