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  1. I'm doing the wiring in my skiff for the first time. All I need to run is a Bow light, Stern light and trolling motor. The battery will be up front with the trolling motor which a good way from the Stern light. Theres no clean way to run wires from the stern to the battery and I'd rather not have wires running exposed on the deck.

    The simplest answer seems to be, use a second battery in the stern of the skiff. I'd rather not have to buy a second high dollar marine battery to just run a single light. Can I use something small like a lawn mower battery to run the light? How long will a single charge run the light and what kind of life would the battery see with repeated charges?
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    Yes a second small battery will work fine. To know how long it would last you need to know the current draw of the light and the AH capacity of the battery, then just divide the AH capacity by the current draw of the light. I would think a 7AH battery would last about 12 hours on a stern light.