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  1. JaxLaxFish

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    Anyone use them and if so how much would I pay for a good one?
  2. DuckNut

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    You obviously have an internet connection so I would pay $0.

    there are probably 5,000 weather sites out there.

  3. Brett

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    I've got a digital weather station, received as a gift years ago.
    Humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, hangs out on the patio.
    Has it had any effect on my fishing trips? Not really.
    If I have the time, I'm putting the boat in the water.
    There's always someplace I can go to find fish.
    What does affect my decision as to whether or not to go
    is the "weather" tree. If water is dripping off the leaves,
    it's probably raining. If I can't see the tree, it's too foggy
    If the top of the tree is getting blown around
    there's a pretty good chance it's too rough to go offshore,
    and if branches are being ripped off the tree, it's too rough, period.

  4. fsae99

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    Interesting that you asked about a barometer. I normally read all the new post and threads I have been following before posting myself. I was planning on posting the question how many people keep detailed fishing logs and is it helpful in finding fish through the seasons year after year? Barometric pressure would be something I would log.

    If you have a humminbird fish finder they have the weather sense module that display current pressure as well a log.
  5. staiano94

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    I have been keeping logs for a LONG time. In my experience, despite how other folks feel
    Barometric pressure DOES make a difference. Fish know when a storm is coming and will want to feed heavily. Also, ever have a crappy day fishing when theres a "bluebird" sky? Barometric pressure is why.
  6. anytide

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    lot of people dont believe it matters, but i has a huge impact -sometimes.
    -we all fish when we can regardless.... :)
  7. staiano94

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    Absolutely Anytide, you go when you can, regardless of tides,pressure, etc......a bad day on the water is still a good day! :D