Bait well plumbing problem

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    I have 2 bait wells on the bunks of my flats boat. While having the cap off restore I had problems with the restorer and got my boat back with the cap held on with 3 screws sans the rub rail. After I got everything back together I dicovered the 2 bait wells lost their drain hoses. I don't want to take the rub rail off and the cap then jack it up and fix this. I need a solution to fix it as is. My plan is to put a drain hose down the center of the drains and silicon them in since ther is no pressure on the liquid. They both have a hole at the bottom that should drain to the inside of the bunks. I can supply pictures if needed

    Thanks for any help
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    When you say "bunks" are you referring to sponsons at the back corners of your boat?

    If they are small holes I would use 5200 to install some of these transom drain pipes. If they are the big holes I would pull the cap back off and make it right.

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