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1999 Riverhawk B-52 Hull with seats and 2 mushroom anchors.
1996 Johnson 9.9 w/ 3 gal can (runs all day)
Trailer with recent springs and bearings.

Specs from

The RIVER HAWK B-52 is our longest boat at 15' 8". Its beam is 52" for lots of room and a stable ride and exhibits great stability for standing.

The B-52 features two bench seats with internal marine foam flotation and a large center-deck storage that can can be used as a cooler and also doubles as a 3rd seat. Additional side flotation makes this boat float like a cork.

LENGTH 15' 8"
BEAM 52"
DRAFT 4" - 5"
WEIGHT 165 lbs.
CAPACITY 3 persons or 500 lbs.
650 lbs. persons, motors, gear
H.P. RATING 4 hp - 15 hp
15" short shaft outboard

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I went out yesterday to give a crank and took the camera to shoot a video for posting but the file size is too large for sharing and I have no editing software. :'( Anywhoo, it was around 60 degrees and hadn't been cranked in two weeks or so and it started on the third pull.

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I would say that it is probably more similar to a Classic so its like comparing oranges to grapefruit. Seriously though, it is more roomy and more stable than a Highsider. I have no idea what lobster rock is?

So you may ask, why stick with a Highsider? To me, its sexier. I am sure my fishing buddy would rather me keep the B-52 (admittedly it is more comfy to fish out of) but like I told him, since he likes it so much, he can buy it. I can't bear the thought of her being touched by another man, we've been through so much and she's always come through for me. ;D

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 I have no idea what lobster rock is?
It is a B-52 Song called Rock Lobster.  Since you are selling a B-52 and have
Dr. Zoidberg as your avatar...  Good luck, I'd buy it, but I'm looking for a piece o' shite.

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We were at a party
His ear lobe fell in the deep
Someone reached in and grabbed it
It was a rock lobster

We were at the beach
Everybody had matching towels
Somebody went under a dock
And there they saw a rock
It wasn't a rock
It was a rock lobster

Motion in the ocean
His air hose broke
Lots of trouble
Lots of bubble
He was in a jam
He's in a giant clam

Down, down...

Underneath the waves
Mermaids wavin'
Wavin' to mermen
Wavin' sea fans
Sea horses sailin'
Dolphins wailin'

Red snappers snappin'
Clam shells clappin'
Mussels flexin'
Flippers flippin'

Down, down...

Let's rock!

Boys in bikinis
Girls in surfboards
Everybody's rockin'
Everybody's fruggin'

Twistin' round the fire
Havin' fun
Bakin' potatoes
Bakin' in the sun

Put on your noseguard
Put on the lifeguard
Pass the tanning butter

Here comes a stringray
There goes a manta ray
In walked a jelly fish
There goes a dogfish
Chased by a catfish
In flew a sea robin
Watch out for that pirahna
There goes a narwhal
Here comes a bikini whale!

BOGGOB's boat is still for sale!

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I'll give your boat a bump just for typing out the words...I'll do it again if you can do the same for Private Idaho with a "my boat is...." ending ;)
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