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    "WOW", doesn't even begin to describe it!
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    Tell you a few things that I've heard of lately that are beginning to really p*ss me off.

    First, my buddy works in a union. Seems like the union contract is up for renewal. The company offered a 3% raise PER YEAR for the next 3 years, at which time the union reps got up and left the discussion. They considered that raise a slap in the face so they left. You tell me what company out there today is making THE SAME amount they made last year or the year before, let alone MORE? If someone told me I'd make THE SAME this year as I did last I'd take it. Same for next year. Apparently the union thinks differently, that they should be exempt from this nationwide recession and be offered a big raise every year. :mad:

    The second thing that p*ssed me off is our local firefighters. We have well over 100  firefighters making over $100k (a lot make $150k ++) per year in our small county. We have built them a handful of MULTI-MILLION $$ fire stations that look like the Taj Mahal. They've enjoyed 10% raises PER YEAR for the last few years and are entitled to continue that for the next few. Our local comissioners sold out to them, which was apparent when re-election came around, as EVERY Firefighter and their families were on the corner petitioning with signs supporting those sellout comissioners.

    Don't get me wrong, I think every working person should be able to earn a decent living, but in this case it's become an unsustainable burden on our county, to the tune of them threatening to close schools and parks, and charge $$ to use the boat ramps. And meanwhile you drive by the taj mahal firestations, and there are mercedes SUV's and Cadillac Escalades in the parking lot. Life is good at the firehouse!! And you only work 2-3 days per week!!!!!!!!!

    The kick in the boot came when I was at a stoplight the other day and the firefighters were out there with buckets at the stoplight, asking ME for $$ to help support THEM.

    I asked the guy if he was joking and he looked at me kinda puzzled.  :mad: :mad:

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    I've been hearing this guy on the Glen Beck show and I have to agree with all of this. What is happening to our country? I want the Pig Farmer with some common sense that did not go to some fancy university to run our country.
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    2-3 days per week x24 hr shift = 48-72 hr work week. And dont tell me firemen sleep all day. I havent had a solid night of sleep in longer than I can remember. As a matter of fact, the saturday night of Bike Week we had an Engine, a Rescue Truck and two teams of motor medics working at my station. After running my tail off all day, I got to bed at 1130. Woke up for a call at 1230, and then I was up for the remainder of my shift. I got off at 8am. This happens more times than it doesnt. You get so used to tones waking you up, when you are at home you expect it, sleep light waking to every little noise thinking you heard the tones. I havent slept well at home in 7 years. And you wonder why the life expectancy of a firefighter is 10 years after retirement.

    The decent vehicles in the parking lot arent a result of good pay. Its the crap salary we make which forces us to go work a part time job on our two days off so we can pay the bills. Some guys have better part time jobs than others. I work in a dept. with 115 firefighters. 3 of them make $100+ K salaries. The Chief and his two Deputy Chiefs.I have been on the job 7 years. Our starting salary is $31k. And thats not bad for my area. Statistically South Florida firefighters make more money. Bigger cities also make a little more money.

    I had a ceiling collapse on me in a fire one day. Luckily stopped 3 feet from the ground. I had melted tar all over me, was ON FIRE. Was almost killed. Whats my life worth?

    Your comments about your firefighters are a testament to your ignorance on the subject which is all too common in our society. You listen to the media or tax watch groups and take that for gospel. Firemen arent greedy, nor do we expect to be paid outtheass for a job we love to do. Next time, if you have questions, go sit down with your dept's union president (oe someone who is in the know), hear them out, and form your own opinions.
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    OK, seems someone took this a little personal which wasn't my intention AT ALL.

    If you're not a firefighter in my county, or haven't done the research, please don't take it that I have something against you. I have friends, good friends, hard working, honest friends, that are firefighters in other counties. Counties where the salaries are in line with the size of the budget. Mine are not, and hence my (and many many others') frustration.

    Sorry it's not my ignorance on my town's situation that's debatable. It's your ignorance on my town's situation. . I didn't comment on your town, as I don't know the facts and that would make me look stupid. Take note.

    Not sure what part of "closing parks and SCHOOLS and charging all residents to use boat ramps which every resident already paid for with our tax dollars because our local comissioners gave in to unsustainable salaries for firefighers" you don't understand.

    Apparantly you think what's going on here is OK. Appartantly you would sleep well at night knowing schools had to close so you, individually, can reap the rewards of an out-of-balance salary. Wow!!!

    Would you sleep any better with the money you raped from the local taxpayers knowing full well you were the direct cause of all the kids that don't have a park now. No baseball, basketball, skate park, nothing. All for the greed of a select few. You personally could sleep with yourself knowing that?? I don't know you but I doubt you could deal with that.

    Or maybe you'd be OK with driving A fancy new escalade and towing that fine new boat you bought knowing full well your salary put an unsustainable burder on the local population. Better for you, you think as you pull into the boat ramp and find it empty because taxpayers can't afford to pay to use a ramp they already paid to buy. Ludicrous for a taxpayer to think that you bought something, then you can't use it because now you have to pay extra to use what you bought.

    If you could live with all the above, would you be able to live with disdain in the eyes of your friends, neighbors and locals when you tell them you're a firefighter and they know full well all of the above is because a select few made a deal with the devil that affects their very livelyhood? This is exactly what is bringing down this country at this very moment.

    It's called greed. And it needs to be stopped.
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    Most firefighters work a schedule called a 24/48. Which means we work 24 hrs on then 48 hrs off. The 48 hrs off is where I get the phrase "two days off".

    $100-150k salary for a firefighter is outrageous. If thats what A firefighter makes in your area I would be upset too. There is also alot to be said about overtime or mandatory overtime. But thats the counties fault for not providing adequate manning for the required staffing reccommended by the NFPA.

    BTW a starting FF/paramedic in Martin County makes $36k.
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    aaronshore, obviously we've touched on a topic that both of us have a vested interest in. I hope in no way did you take my frustration personally, you don't work or live in my county.

    I value your opinion and input on the forum, and certainly nothing positive will come from us debating my town's situation. For either side.

    We both have strong differing views here, so I'll respectfully agree to disagree with you on some points and bow out.


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    I agree.

    Sorry to derail your thread Curtis.