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Fishing has been steady the last few months. I rarely fish in water deeper than 10ft and the hot water temps are showing their affect on the fish. Both mullet and shrimp are extremely plentiful in the creeks and the fish know it.

Trout - Best on incoming tide along flats and marsh banks near inlets. Early morning has provided the best action both in size and numbers. Popping corks with a 1/8 oz jig head and gulp have worked best.

Flounder - Similar locations as trout, also starting to find better numbers back in creeks. Best bite has been low tide casting towards very shallow drains along banks.

Redfish - Water temps have them out of the very shallow water for the most part. Deeper pockets in creeks with structure are producing some very large fish. Fishing on the bottom with either jigs or Carolina rigged baits have been best. The largest fish are coming off cut bait with a heavy preference toward chunked ladyfish.

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