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Attcahing a Rub Rail

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So I have been performing some gel coat repairs and had to detach areas of rub rail. The rub rail is riveted to the cap and I am looking for a way to reattach the rub rail without using rivets. I plan on replacing the rub rail next fall/winter after the boat gets painted and for now I just want to reattach so I can use the boat. So school me on an easy, effective & fairly inexpensive way to reattach the rub rail.

Thanks in advance,
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Through bolting can be an option. The factory did an absolute shit job with the attaching of the rail and apparently there must have some issue with it atone time because of the small section have separated I have found no less than a dozen stainless wood screws. Several wallowed out the gel & glass some didn't.
Another question about this. How far apart should each "fastener" be spaced? It appears at the factory they had a monkey running the rivet gun and in several places they are a couple of inches apart and some are literally right on top of each other.
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6-8” “should” be sufficient.
Cool. Like I said I'm hoping to replace it next year and I don't want to double the work for myself at that time. Now I just need the weather to get right so I can get the new gel on.
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