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Atlas Micro Jacker Height Indicator

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I’ve got an Atlas micro jacker on my 17ft Bankes boat with a 90 SHO. So far so good. Only complaint is there’s no height indicator on it.
Has anyone made one? Or is there a place you can buy them.
Thanks I’m advanced!
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I just marked mine with a black marker every .5”
I used purple every 1”.

I bet you could make the bob’s electric one work with a little customization.
I don’t need an actual gauge as I can just look in back at the motor. I’ll just find a spot to put a line every 1” thanks
My lowest point that I run is with the motor side of the plate even with the boat side(1”), then I started marking the edge of the motor side of the plate.
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1 - 2 of 17 Posts