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Atlas Micro Jacker Height Indicator

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I’ve got an Atlas micro jacker on my 17ft Bankes boat with a 90 SHO. So far so good. Only complaint is there’s no height indicator on it.
Has anyone made one? Or is there a place you can buy them.
Thanks I’m advanced!
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I went down to academy and bought a fish tape measure, the kind with the adhesive backing for putting on a boat deck or cooler, cut it to fit and it works well enough. The only one I could find was a black and white one, I would have rather find one that was brighter lettering like yellow or orange but it works
Can you post a few pic's of this set up? Good idea!
View attachment 240372 I bought a three pack off Amazon for like $6 or something. So far it’s been holding up for almost a year. I have a bright yellow one I may swap. The silver blends in too well
What exactly is this measuring?
1 - 2 of 17 Posts