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    I am selling my ARB 50qt fridge. It uses 12 volt or 110 power. These things are amazing. It has a computer chip that will shut down the fridge before your vehicle battery depletes. You can keep ice-cream or any frozen stuff in it, as well as all the regular stuff you put in a cooler. No more worries about melting ice and water ruining your stuff. I used it twice when I traveled out west in my FJ Cruiser. I just plugged it into the 12 volt outlet in the back.

    I am asking $595. They sell for almost $900 new. Watch the video and see what you are missing on those camping trips or just to have cold drinks and sandwich material in your vehicle or boat any time you need it.
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    These things are bad ass! I used to have one in my Landcruiser. Great for extended trips. I wish I didn't let mine go. It would nice on the road trips with the kids now. That's a hell of a deal.

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