Aquatica the review (long read)

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    First of all, let me say that I had heard nothing but great things about the park...maybe it is just me...

    My expectations: A water park themed around marine life (SeaWorld) built on a scale to accept the hordes of visitors you would expect from such a centrally located theme park.

    The reality: Very little marine life and people standing nut to butt is very little clothing (I know what you are thinking. Please remember the law of averages here)

    We got there bright and early waiting in a line of cars equivalent to the Magic Kingdom. Next we stood in the never ending serpentine to get our tickets (Buy them on line).

    As we walked in, we saw the only true marine life exhibit in the park. A pod of Commerson's Dolphins swimming around the dolphin plunge ride. We waited for 45 minutes to "shoot the tube" and see the dolphins, but none of us saw one in the 2.5 seconds we shot through the glass enclosure. The rest of the ride was reminesciant of any run of the mill tube ride ie dark and lighted sections terminating in 1.5 feet of water.

    Next, we hit the lazy river where we saw the only other marine life which was a fish bowl containing a couple of hundred little fish about half way through the ride.

    As the rain hit, we opted for some chow. Aquatica offers the all you can eat all day thing, but I would suggest getting the one trip deal. It is buffet style and you can pile it on. They had burgers, chicken and hot dogs with all of the other crap that goes with it. Getting the all day feast my be ok for the kids who are never ending pits, but I destroyed the bar on the first round and the wifey was more worried about lookin bloated in the suit than eating ::)

    People are everywhere. Thongs, speedos and crap that hasn't been seen since the 70's were everywhere. Some people should just not be allowed in any state of undress...period. You sit for hours in line climbing stairs with someone elses backside in your face. God bless you if you get a nice view. I did not :mad: Most rides were a writhing mass of flesh. If people get this close on a subway, they get arrested..and they have clothes on!!!

    Next was the wave pool. Yes, there are waves, but it was standing room only. I drew a line here and had to move on. I was just plain uncomfortable.

    We stood for another hour each to ride two tubes via a raft ( forget the name) They were fun rides, but like I said it killed two hours.

    The highlight of the day was swimming the rapids with my boys.

    We dropped $500. I will not go back. I much preferred Daytona Lagoon. Similar rides, smaller lines, more affordable and other fun stuff to do.

    On a side note...we went to Medieval Times for dinner. That show never gets old. The kids were on the edge of the seat and theres nothing quite like watching your boys tear apart a chicken quarter with the bare hands ;)

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    There are many who truly enjoy crowds and lines and
    "artificial" entertainment. If I need a roller coaster ride
    I'll try to exit Matanza's Inlet on an outgoing tide in a nor'easter.
    If I want to play on a water slide, I-95 in a thunderstorm
    next to an 18 wheeler gives me all the thrills I can handle.
    Wave pool, I got Flagler Beach by Varn Park. Buffet style food,
    got 3 in Palm Coast. This is a town where the whole county couldn't
    fill the parking lots at Seaworld. I like my entertainment with a minimum
    of other people and a lot of real nature. Not someones idea
    of what nature should look like, so I can be charged for it.
    Don't much enjoy going to Orlando. In fact the best view of
    the Entertainment Capitol, is in the rear view mirror!

    I'll stay out of the big city so I don't interfere with the people who enjoy it.
    Anyone who wants it can have my space in line.
    I prefer the quiet of the less developed portions of Florida.

    Speaking of seafood buffet, that sounds good now.  ;)

    .........urrp, 'scuse me, snowcrab legs were good!

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    Sounds like you had fun ;D ;D, anyway, medival times is a bast! However, the first time I went there with my ex, I got hit about a 1/4" below my eye with a piece of there swords when they were fighting. It freaked me out, but I was ok. My daughter thought it was really weird to be eating with out the fork, knife and spoon!
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    I had almost talked myself into trying it out, being that it had an aquatic theme, I thought it might be cool. Thanks for bringing me back to reality, and saving me a lot of cash, cussing, and time.
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    sounds like a lot of the same people I saw last weekend at Universal Islands of Adventure. That whole scene is so not me at every level, but apparently its somewhat obligatory when you have little kids and a wife born in Omaha. :)

    Like most of you guys I'll take a miserable time in the middle of no where fishing or hunting than any of that manufactured crap. Thanks for the report, I can scratch that one from any future lists that come up.
  7. Weedy

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    Come on Eric, don't be a party pooper! The next time I see the little one, I'm gonna get her going on it for ya, that way you will have to take her!!!!!! :p
  8. deerfly

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    watch it buddy, another weekend at a theme park and I could go postal on ya. :)
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    Ok, I gotta tell ya it's yer own damn fault. Theme parks a week or two just before school is starting? Come on..... Thats like going Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve but you probably do that too ;D
  10. deerfly

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    not so sure about that reasoning, the majority of people at Universal were foreigners, lots of brit's mostly. Yeah there were kids too, but most of them talked really funny.

    Maybe you need to refine your critique to not attend theme parks when the US currency is weak. :p
  11. tom_in_orl

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    Very impressed with your economic assessment of the global economy.

    BTW, I heard they don't have free beer there like they do at Sea World. That seems like a better reason to avoid it in my book. ;D
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    That's called 'the Queen's English'

    That's this Queen...

    not this Queen...