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    So a buddy of mine posted a picture of me on Facebook with not only my first tarpon, but my first fish on fly which happend to be the same tarpon and congratulated me on my achievement. The picture show me with the tarpon and the tarpon has blood on it and around its mouth. From then on, several people reemed him for posting the picture stating it gave fly fishing a bad name or I needed to work on my fish handling skills, etc.

    I was completely shocked by the reaction and he took the picture down out of respect for their feelings and not wanting to offend anyone. While agree it wasn't the best retrieve, since I was on a steep grass bank, was by myself and did the best I could do to get the fish to me quickly.

    So my question is... When you see someone post a pic of a fish with the lip torn or maybe blood on the fish... Is this something I shouldn't be posting or ashamed of? It's really a downer since this catch was a big deal to me, it never even crossed my mind to think twice about him posting it. I feel really ignorant, should I?
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    Not sure as to which question you are asking if it was appropriate.

    I do not like when people post my pic on the internet no matter what I am doing.

    Here is just my opinion: I have never seen blood coming from the mouth of a tarpon where it was hooked. I have only seen blood coming from the gills because the fish was fought beyond exhaustion. From your post I would say to get stouter gear and not fight them so long. Did it give fly fishing a bad name- no, it gives fishing a bad rap.

    Another thing is you did not say where the pic was showing the fish. On the deck of the boat - no good.

    If you are saying you are ashamed then to me there is more in the picture than what is being described.

    I am not posting to pass judgement because it happens to everyone. However, you happened to have your picture taken with a fish that is at the top of the hot topic list right now at one of the worlds premier trophy catches.

    I want to congratulate you on your first one and hope there are many more to come.

  3. c0rvtte73

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    I'm sorry I was unclear... I'm asking is it inappropriate to post a picture of a tarpon with blood on it.
    Also, a note... It was definitely bleeding from the lip, is was a only 5ish lbs, so the fight wasn't that long, it wasn't bleeding from the gills.
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    I'm pretty sure it's illegal to remove tarpon from the water, regardless of size. I could be wrong about that. I know it's heavily frowned on by most. As far as the blood issue... Most people catch fish using hooks, sometimes there's gonna be some blood.
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    Tarpon more than 40 inches must remain in the water unless something else changed.
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    I wouldn't sweat it, some people are just ass hats. Lots of internet tough guys also, these sites are FULL of them.
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    Exactly this. Quit worrying so much about what others think about you, especially those that don't even know you personally. I'm sure it's seen as not politically correct, but political correctness is exactly what's wrong with this world right now. Everybody worried about offending someone.

    If you did nothing wrong, you did nothing wrong. Enjoy your first fish on fly and your first tarpon, and congrats!
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    Ditto above. Congratulations on your fly tarpon. No matter what fishing is a blood sport. We can always try our best but fish will be harmed.
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    No worries. It's a blood sport. Congrats on landing your first fish on the fly!
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    facebook is a waste.
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    Thanks for the input! Sorry for posting in the wrong section.
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    I'm 100% for doing the best you can at safely handling and reviving/releasing the fish but...(he took the picture down out of respect for their feelings) screw their "feelings" that is exactly whats wrong in this country now and what is going to lead to its end! If they are that sensitive they shouldn't be on the web or leave their house until they grow thicker skin! So a hunting mag shouldn't print a pic of a deer with a bloody entry wound, or its tongue hanging out of its mouth? Freedom is being taken away 1 little step at a time, have to worry about their feelings, then cant show a pic with blood, then cant show a pic of a dead animal beacuse thats mean, then cant hunt or fish because we are hurting animals. Post it loud and proud too many good men and women died to give us our freedom! I lost my 1st wife in an IED attack in Kandahar Afghanistan and I'm 80% disabled service connected. Sorry for the rant but a lot of people in this country piss me off- they truely have forgotten what is important and their damn feelings arent one of them!!!! No country has ever survived by being worried about feelings and name calling. I would have died for my country but every day I cant help but feeling like my patriotism dies a little each day and my service was a waste of time. Next time some one sends you (or a friend) a boo hoo my feelings message send them a pic back of a 19 year old kid comming back from over seas with no legs or a coffin with a flag draped over it with a message under the pic that simply saye "GROW UP"
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    I have no time for FB either. I don't really care about posting pics of what I have done or where I am. Hopefully times change again and some of this crap goes with it. Post what you want and screw what others think. Those whining about the pic of your fish I can assure you are not perfect and do things others will approve of too. Ask those same whining fly fisherman if they row a boat made of renewable and biodegradable material to there favorite fishing grounds.