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Anyone using KeelGuard?

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Looking for pros/cons of using KeelGuard.

Most places I launch from do not have a dock to tie up after launching so I end up beaching the bow while I move the trailer. Not a problem with scratches yet but eventually it will be.
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2015 SUV 17
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sucks----if your bow has any angle to it--I am currently looking into Herculiner stuff in a can
I have a friend who has some so I'm looking at putting a 4 foot section on the bow. I will tape it on to fit test how far up the curve on my SUV17 bow it will go and still fit flush. If I can cover the first inch or two where the bow starts to curve upwards i'll be happy. I will post pictures of the test fit later this week. Ideally, I'd like to cover from the bow hitch to the start of the center poling strake but will have to see how the curve effects that plan.
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