Anyone use marine tex?

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  1. Looking to fill holes on my cav plate of my motor herd it's pretty good stuff
  2. Brett

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    Filling a hole on a fiberglass hull...MarineTex
    Filling a hole in a metal object...JBWeld

  3. Was going to use Jb but herd mixed reviews on it people have told me if you don't keep good paint on it it corrodes
  4. Brett

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    Yeah, JBWeld has steel powder mixed into the epoxy as a filler.
    If it isn't primed and painted it will develop rust spots.
    An alternative if you are worried about possible rust dots
    is an aluminum powder filled epoxy like those offered by

    Also important to remember to chamfer the top and bottom of the hole being repaired
    so the chamfers act as locking tabs, when filled with the epoxy putty.
  5. lemaymiami

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    If I remember correctly Marine Tex used to have a display at boat shows where they'd used the stuff to repair an engine block... I wouldnt' hesitate to use in for your purpose... If you're hesitant, just do a small spot and see what results you get. I'd use the gray color instead of white (if they still make it...).
  6. tomahawk

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    Marine tex is good to go on metal. Some body guys use it.
  7. Sheremeta

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    I used a two part thickened marine epoxy. I put tape on one end of the hole so it would cure smooth and level and sanded the other side.
  8. mudd_minnow

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    I used it on a metal bath tub that was white. It covered a very large hole in the tub, I puttied it up, sanded it down and it looked great.