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Anyone have a P100 ?

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I have been Invited on a "Bare Bones" Trip , One of the conditions is that I am NOT allowed to bring 2 Suitcases of Photo Gear :-(

And have to be willing to "share" my Camera :eek:

So my thought is a P100 it will be under warranty if anyone breaks it ...

The Reviews are Horrible !!! Anyone Successfully using one ?

Thanks ! Dave
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Lookin good ... picked one up for Chitz N Grinz ... First thing I did was put my Sunpack Grip on it
Because It's kinda small in my hands ...

I also Turned everything Down 5 Megapixels and the Video to midrange ...

The other 5 Megapixel was turned down to 1.2 and did great ... (It's only drawback was that 256meg does NOT hold much Video ... LOL)
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