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Anybody name their skiffs?

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What's up All! This post is just for fun. Post up if you actually have named your skiffs! In my mind- a skiff should be a relatively inexpensive boat that you kick around in for the fun of it. Naming them is fun! I have the carbon fiber piece, and the old Harpoon, so I've been toying with "Forrest" and "Jenny" for my two... Haha! --L*64
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My custom Bayshore flats boat with teak toe rail, cockpit, helm pod and Carolina flare was named Fin-esse.

The latest is a Beavertail Mosquito, so Zika seemed quite appropriate at the time I took delivery.

In common sport-fishing vernacular, proper boat names are italicized and I'm chained to the stylebook. ;)

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My last skiff was a Silver King and we called it The Silver King, lol.

My new one got this nickname from my wife. Before I bought it she wanted to remodel the kitchen. Instead I bought the skiff. Her first name begins with a B. So she affectionately called it B,,,,,,,'s Kitchen

Don't feel bad for her though as she got her remodel.

Edit: Now that the kitchen is done we may need a name.
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