Any furuno experts out there???

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    I just picked up a used Furuno chartplotter/radar system. I have experience in installing all kinds of stuff in the 12v environment but I know nothing about radar. The Chartplotter is the RDP-149 10.5" display
    network sounder ETR-6/10N
    Radar dome RSB-0094 2.2Kw 24NM range
    And i have the external antena
    I still need to buy the transducer....
    is this worth putting on my boat or would i be better off selling it for a new 3D imaging unit? How hard is it to wire up the radar dome? there is a plug that plugs into the back of the sounder but the other end has about 50  lose wires :eek: I figured it would be cool to have radar but honestly its not needed I never had it before and I usualy fish spots that are 30' deep and with in 10 miles of shore, a long trip would be a few times a year out to 30 miles. not looking for birds this radar isnt suited for that from what I've been reading, just like finding good bottom for diving, grooper/snapper fishing. thanks in advance for any help.
    (looking for advise from 1st hand experience,not a link to furunos website! I have been on their web site 100 times and dont find it very user friendly and never find any thing close to what 'm looking for- it is great at showing me new units that cost thousands of dollars over and over no matter what i search for though)
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