Anti Dog GESTAPO at work !!!:-(

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by noeettica, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. noeettica

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  2. Taterides

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    Also makes sure your dog has his shots. They came door to door in my neighborhood last year.

  3. firecat1981

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    Unfortunately this is a direct response to irresponsible dog owners and a massive increase of animal attacks in recent years. I can't even tell you how many dog bite calls we ran last year, many were kids that were tore up good!

    I truely believe most laws are intended for less then 5% of the population, but effect the rest of us the same.
  4. TomFL

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    Is there a requirement to register your dog/pet in the county? There is in ours, and it's dirt cheap, like $10 or $20. If so, why not do it?

    This way, when someone's dog attacks some poor kid in the neighborhood, there's no debate about who's dog it is. There are benefits to everything.

    Agreed, a $400 ticket seems ludicrous, but will surely get your attention and that of your neighbors.

    The guy is off base with his comments about whether or not it's illegal for them to look over the fence to see whether there is a dog there or not.

    Basically, that's no difference than if you were a murderer and getting off because the murder weapon wouldn't have been found if the cops didn't peek over the fence. You're still a murderer.

  5. backwaterbandits

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       "G for T" seems to have a lot of videos AND
       a lot of issues.... It seems that he has a hard
       time keeping his shizz together!   ;)

    Seriously, it really sux to get bitten by some
    random dog running around and they don't
    have current shots or you don't know who
    owns the damn thing...I know from personal
  6. Freeline

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    Dog Gestapo? Really? Try finding out if the unlicensed dog
    that just bit your child is up-to-date on their rabies vaccinations or if your child has to undergo rabies series. Please, direct your anger toward irresposible dog owners!
  7. WhiteDog70810

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    Glad to see them enforcing those LAWS. I wish they had the budget to do it every damn day. Unvaccinated dogs are a huge public health risk. We don't have a big rabies problem in the U.S. specifically because of programs like this.

    Registering a dog is done to document when it had its last rabies vaccination, not for "the man to keep you under his thumb". Vaccination for rabies is not optional or negotiable and you can't abstain for religious reasons. You also must be able to provide proof of vaccination at anytime. The vaccine is not for the good of the individual animal, although that is a benefit. Mandatory rabies vaccine is for the public good. Rabies vaccines reduce the rabies susceptible population of animals that live with in close proximity to people.

    If the dog is vaccinated, a kid that gets bit just needs stitches and a course of antibiotics. In the Third World (where no one cares whether your dog is vaccinated or not), that same child has a legitimate chance dying of rabies. I've watched videos of people dying from rabies. Lovely stuff. I'd much rather hear trash complain about "big brother" and $400 tickets.

  8. oysterbreath

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    Does Orange county/ city of Orlando require dog registration?
    I don't mind registration as long as gov. doesn't use it as a means to further "fleece the people!" Also, If they didn't issue warnings prior to the door-to-door action I think it would then be unconstitutional!
    Sad to say but there are too many idiots in the world who NEED the gov. to hold their hand. Specially when it comes to how to deal with other living things weather those things are animals or people!However, Me personally, I still resent gov intrusion into my life. I, I guess like most folk, don't consider myself one of idiots in need of hand holding. lol
  9. DuckNut

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    I mind dog registration because the government does not run the dog license agencies. They are subsidized to third parties and many of these third parties support anti hunting efforts.
  10. firecat1981

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    Registration is run by the individual counties, from mt experience most are not farmed out to third parties as they usually are run through the tax collectors office and can be paid in person there.
  11. noeettica

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    I agree that registration is a good thing but the whole door to door raid thing is not so cool ...
  12. skinny_water

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    So they were kicking in doors?

    Unless you post private property no trespassing signs government workers can check your property. Just like any other type of code enorcement. Is it right? It's a grey area. Does it serve a purpose. Absolutely. Tom gave a great example.
  13. skinny_water

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    Its not anti dog. It pro dog helping reduce the spread of disease. :-?