Another Really Bad Idea By Our Legislature

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    If you don't live in Florida, don't bother to read this.

    Our legislature is about to make another mistake.  Seems they almost always either do the wrong thing for our state, or fail to act at all.  They want to eliminate some important court functions of 67 elected COUNTY (local) officials and put those responsibilities under the control of a state appointee.  And, trust me, neither the state nor the judicial system has anywhere near the staff or qualified administrators to handle this.  These local officials are the County and Circuit Court Clerks.  

    I know how a lot of people think that government employees and elected officials don't do squat, but trust me, I worked for the Clerk here in Volusia County for over eight years, and know first hand that they are mostly hard-working, dedicated people.  Also, I have worked on audit and evaluation teams in the offices of five other Clerks, and found the same attitudes in their offices.

    The legislature thinks the Clerk's budgets are too high.  Fact is, the legislature makes their rules.  The legislature sets the fees they charge.  The legislature authorizes new judges, which cause them to provide more services to the court systems.  The bills are (in case you want to read them):

    If you live in any of the following counties, please go to their web sites and review some of the comments that the Clerks and Comptrollers are saying about this:  Miami-Dade, Palm Beach, Hillsboro and Volusia.  You can easily find them on the web, and there are a lot of other counties that have web sites.  If you're not using them, you should at least know what information is available on them.

    The legislature has milked our schools dry.  They want more money, but this is going to cost far more than it will save.  Please either contact your legislator or the governor and tell them that state government is big enough, and not to take away these responsibilities from the highly qualified LOCAL people, many of whom could lose their jobs.

    Okay.  Step down off of soap box, now.  But this is important.  Thanks.


    (If you read this post earlier, I appologize for a misconception I had about removing the Clerks.  However, this is not about the budget or saving money.  It is about taking away local control and giving that control to some state-appointed bureaucrat.)