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Hey gang,
I'm happy to report the marine market, which somehow seems always to be last place for new materials has a new choice besides the common e-glass, kevlar, carbon etc.

We've been panel testing and putting it in select skiffs now for almost a year and will be offering it either with kev/carbon or by itself as a stiffer,lighter material at a third the cost of the common aramid's...
High-tech doesn't have to be expensive and I was told some fishing rod companies are also gearing up for this material. Best of all it's made from recycled material so it has that "go green" effect as well. I'm hoping other builders are gonna try it as it's being used in the defense, aero, and auto market.
We also teamed up with to build a 75lb. Carbon/Innegra Gladesmen! Pics will be coming soon.

Note for the builders that lurk the site: Give this stuff a try and it can only be used via vacuum/closed molding. It works very well with VE Resin & Epoxy

Tight Lines!
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