Annual deer hunting trip w/pics

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    Took my one long weekend to deer hunt back home in Alabama and what a weekend it was. The first morning was in the rain and I had a deer slip right up on me. I was busy scanning the 50 or so yards around me when movement caught my eye at the base of my treestand. It was a spike the just about had his nose on the first rung of the ladder.
    Shot him at a range of about 15ft. 6:45am of the first day and 1 deer down. My buddy followed this one up with a small 8-pointer that afternoon. Day 2 netted me another small spike buck and my buddy missing a doe and a big
    8-point that was chasing her. Had he connected with either one and we probably would have packed things up and came home, but his miss allowed me a shot at this guy the next morning.
    The landowner shot this deer first and called me to let me know he was on the ground tracking him, so be alert. It turned out that he hit the deer in the front left leg and he was still alive and kicking. I dropped down the creek bank to a large sand bar to get better visibility if the deer came my way and boy did he ever. He came running right down the creek bank just above me at a range of less than 10 feet. All I could see were his dark horns. As he passed, I jumped up the bank and gave him a loud doe bleat that stopped him in his tracks. 1 shot at 15yds dropped him on the spot. I thiink my adrenalin is still pumping.
    I think mine's a bit bigger.
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    Sounds like the big(second) deer was killed in self defence ;D Man I can taste fried backstrap now. WTG!

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    Bambi has left the building...good job!
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    wow, impressive deer right there. Congratulations for sure. I missed one with my longbow about like that one this season. I agree being so close to an animal like that is the rush of all rushes. Looks like you have access to some quality property there too. - eric