Ankona Prop Advice with 25 hp

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  1. Well last weekend I traded my 15hp for a 2005 Johnson 25 hp two stroke, put on it my Shadowcast 16 and man it jumps out of the hole like a scalded dog but the top end seems almost the same as the 15, the prop it has on it now is a 10x13 pitch 3 blade. im honestly looking for the most top end I can because this 25 hp with a 240 pound hull will get up with me just cracking the throttle with two people.

    Here's a picture of the setup

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    The best prop for a shadowcast with a mercury 25 is a 10x15

    Has the engine been tuned recently? If you turn the tiller throttle make sure the carb air intake plate is opening all the way; that can effect WOT speed.

  3. yeah it is running wot checked it, but it goes 25 gps'd with one person or two people it doesn't make a difference its just a motor that has alot of torque it by far is the biggest 25 two stroke with it being 32 ci while the merc is 24 ci and the tohatsu being 26 ci. It's max rpm range is 4500-5500 so it doesn't rev as much as the merc and other 2 smokers. thats why I would like maybe a 16 or 17 pitch prop but I can't seem to find any. But maybe like a 10/15 pitch 4 blade with alot of cup
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    10*15 3blade try it if you got more rpm's to give have it re-pitched to a 16 or 17. You want a 3blade for top end speed.
  5. I was thinking 4 blade so it would grab the water better but you think it would be better stainless or aluminum because im in north florida where its not uncommon to hit oyster mounds ive always had alum
  6. The tunnel is a "pocket tunnel" and not a true tunnel. Stick on a Tiny Tach on and go from there. Going with a 10x15 would give you Crap Hole Shot. Most with a 25hp are getting 30mph plus so something doesn't sound right.
  7. I always run a stainless prop. It's much harder then aluminum and you will get better performance.
  8. Im thinking a powertech sra3 in 10x15 pitch
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    That's what I told him, that it would not be the best all around prop but he said TOP SPEED is what he wanted and didn't care about hols shot.
  10. Went ahead and ordered a powertech sra-3 in 10x15 pitch. Customer service there is second to none, and saved quite a bit of money ordering directly from the company.