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After much thought and discussion with my wife, we have decided against building a skiff right now and are planning on getting on the list for an Ankona Cayenne sometime next year.

I have searched forums, facebook, and multiple other sources and have yet to see a picture of a Cayenne with a side console. Does anyone have one?

I assume its the same as the ones they put on the copperhead and shadowcast? I have read through all the Ankona related threads on here that I can find. Watched all the videos, and the Cayenne seems to fit our needs/wants well, while also being at a great price.

Hi I have one that I have been obsessed over getting to know every tiny detail about the boat. I would be happy to answer any specific questions you have and would also be more than happy to take you out on my boat anytime to show you some idiosyncrasies about how it actually performs on the water. I am not consistent in checking online forums but feel free to text me at 786-647-5330 for a quick response.

BLUF - The boat is incredibly versatile and reliable. Will be the best decision of you life lol.
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