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Ankona Boats - New Rep in Texas

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Well after a long time,  Ankona is pleased to announce our new Texas rep,  Kyle Alston with Tarpon Shores Marina in Aransas Pass, Tx.

He has a ShadowCast on hand for demos and we will work on bringing out other models as time goes on.  Our goal is to first make sure we have everything in place to so our Texas customers are taken care of, with a 'local' contact.  Kyle is an experienced businessman with great plans for the 10 acre marina's future expansion.  His lifelong experience in the area has given me some great input on producing our skiffs refined for the Texas cost.

Contact info would be:

[email protected]


[email protected]

As always, thanks to our customers who make this possible.

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Awesome news for Texas microskiffers no doubt! Don't tell anyone but the Lighthouse Lakes kayak trails next door to Tarpon Shores Marina has got to be the best/most consistent place to really use a poling skiff like the ShadowCast due to the mangrove maze blocking the consistent wind... Well done Mel I'll have to stop by soon to see my first ShadowCast in person.
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