And you thought "Soylent Green" was bad !

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    Oh dear !
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    A lot of energy is going into that stuff when we've got plenty o' real meat walking all over the place right here (pigs). Why not ship a few of those to places where there is literally nothing to eat (Haiti comes to mind). Sure, they root up lawns, carry disease, and are kinda mean-- but if I were living in Haiti and reduced to eating clay pies because there is literally NO food resource available (referencing a Nat. Geo. story from about 2009), a plethora of pigs to go all Nugent on and feed my family would be a God send. Much better than all of the energy and resources these guys are putting into creating fake meat. Sayin'. (Then, I'm no scientist)

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    That was a great idea back when the Spanish came to America hundreds of years ago. Obviously it works since they sustained life during tough times and are now ransacking the entire country!

    Why re-invent the wheel? Ship 'em a few pigs and let them fend for themselves. It's the ultimate renewable resource. You honestly CAN'T kill them faster than they multiply. A sow is breeding age at 6 months old and she'll have 2-3 litters of 8-13 piglets per year. Do the math!

    Start with one fertile pair, and an average litter of 10 piglets. In one year (3 litters) you'll have 2,100 pigs (or 8,400 pickled pigs feet) if my kindergarten math is correct.

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    I don't know Dave, I suppose someone will eat food made from human excrement.
    There's already a coffee made from the palm civet's excrement.
    Costs a fortune for a single cup. Google up "Kopi Luwak."