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    I am headed to St Augustine this weekend to hang out with family but I will probably tow the boat just in case I can sneak away for a few hours in the morning. While doing a little Google Maps recon I zoomed in too far and this popped up. I thought it was cool enough to share.

    Doesn't look that tippy but I wonder how well it poles ;D


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    It's a DUKW ( pronounced "duck")

    A DUKW is an amphibious vehicle that was designed and built for use in World War II. They were originally built on the 2 1/2 ton CCKW Army truck sometimes called a "duce and an half". Now they are used mostly for commercial tours and adventure type rides on land and water. There are also some private collectors who keep and use them for their own use.

    DUKWS are street legal to drive on the roads and are also legal to drive on water as recreational boats.

    Looks like a fun toy.

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    I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Strap the noe on the back, you don't have to worry about no stinkin bars (sand/oyster) and drive to your hole. Splash the boat off the back and your good to go!!!
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    That Watercar is really Bad Azz! :eek:

    There was a company that had 2 or 3 Ducks
    in downtown St. Pete and were giving land
    and sea tours.
    They shut down...One of their biggest problems
    was the "Drivers" had to have a CDL for driving
    on the street AND a Captains license to take
    passengers in the water...I think this was their
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    RE: Phish Boat/Car OK Music is GARBAGE !

    At 200K I bet they don't sell many LOL ...

    Now The VW Amfib that's somthin ...