ambassadeur 5000 '70s w/flat sides

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  1. topnative2

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    OK the spool release button does not work unless it is held in---- it was working but has been sitting for awhile .
    I took it apart to grease up and still does not work.

    It does not appear to have any broken/missing parts and everything is moving.

    All clues welcome.

  2. cutrunner

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    Take it to a professional.
    hope this helps
    cut runner out :p

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    >[smiley=1-crazy-eyes.gif]> [smiley=40s.gif]
  4. Brett

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    Ya' prolly won't like my answer, but here goes anyhow.
    When I have a reel that fails to function, I tear it down entirely.
    As I disassemble, I keep track of screws and parts by laying them out
    on a sheet of cardboard in the order I removed them from the reel.
    A number next to a part keeps track of the order of removal.
    Screws stand up in small holes punched into the cardboard
    and a digital camera comes in handy when I think it may be needed.
    Once I've got the reel apart, chips of metal and corrosion will be left
    on the work bench. So will any broken components. Then you get to
    check the parts diagram, available on line, against what you have
    spread out on the card board. Replace the broken parts, clean and lube
    the rest, then reassemble. It's broken already, ya' can't make it worse.

    Heck of a lot easier than rebuilding a powerhead or lower unit.  ;)
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  6. topnative2

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    Thanks B.--definetly will do the pic. thing next time.

    I got it all back together and working.

    FYI....if the spool release does not work properly there are 2 plates that are suppose to shift and don't becuase of dried out oil and making them stick to the inner side plate assembly. Several squirts of wd40 and pushing w/ a screw driver solved the problem.

    Watch out for parachuting washers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And continually repreat: I can do this!!!!

    Ya hear me CR :-* ;)
  7. cutrunner

    cutrunner Cert. Yamaha technician

    Glad I could help ;D