am I the only one

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by deerfly, Nov 5, 2008.

  1. deerfly

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    shocked, saddened and worried about my family and the future of this great country in the aftermath of 11/4/08?

    I'm not trying to start anything either, I just don't see what he's gonna change, how's he gonna change it and what evidence exists anywhere to suggest he could change anything for the better?

    The guy hasn't so much as managed a boy scout troop, so how is he going to lead this nation? Because he's black and charismatic? Because all the minorities feel "represented" now?

    I don't get it and probably never will, but in all my years of political awareness I've never been so worried. All I can say is hope I'm wrong and I'd love to hear from anyone that has a handle on a credible roadmap.
  2. Gramps

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    No you are not the only one. From about 3pm until 10:30 I was pacing, nervous and on the verge of sickness.

    There is nothing we can do at this point; just prepare for the next election. An interesting note was a quote from a lady at his rally down in South Florida recently, paraphrased "Obama is going to put gas in my tank and help my pay my mortgage, if I help him out he will help me out".

    IMHO there is a HUGE expectation that will never be reached for many voters. Ya, call me racist, a bigot or whatever; this is how Obama secured many many voters, promise of monetary relief.

  3. phishphood

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    Shocked? No. Worried? Yes. This country wants a change. Let's see what changes.
  4. Brett

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    He's one man.
    He does not write laws.
    He does not pass laws.
    He can refuse to sign a bill into law.
    He can be overruled.
    He was elected as the result of the financial collapse
    of the US economy. People voted anti-Republican.
    Our financial problems are a direct result
    of the deregulation of the financial sector.
    Allowing mortgages and credit to those who cannot pay
    for what they already owe is criminal.
    Those laws were passed by our congressman
    who were lobbied by the same people who benefitted
    from the legitimized looting of the American economy.
    Our military problems are a direct result of our dependence on
    imported oil. We wouldn't be still fighting if it did not directly affect our
    great need for a dependable supply of cheap oil. Economically it's less
    expensive to obtain oil militarily than to pay through the hose to the
    oil Emirates. Obama is not a problem. Our legislative represenatives
    have been bought off or are directly controlled by financial
    organizations who benefit from the corruption,
    that is the problem. Throw the bastards out.
    Enact legislation that executes corrupt politicians for treasonus activity
    against the welfare and interest of the people of the United States.
    Don't allow them to be sent to club fed.
    5 years in the can for a billion dollars profit. Ain't right!

    My 2 cents worth
  5. islander1225

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    You are def not the only one, and for anyone to say that this rtace was not about race is crazy, i am not racist by any means i have some very good friend that are african american, and i would trust them with my life,. To give you an idea what i am talking about take a listen to this segment howard stern did, yes i know it is howard stern but for once he actually did something with some credit behind. just take a listen. Lock up your guns and i will be praying for all the small businesses out there.

  6. JRH

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    This is her:
  7. phishphood

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    Say it ain't so.
  8. deerfly

    deerfly Opinicus iracibilus

    well, at least I'm not alone. :)

    I've been around long enough to know the rise and fall of the economy can not be traced to the current or even recent political party and its designated leaders. What worries me is that Obama won because he appeals to a lot of people that may not quite get the notion of capitalism and how that is what makes this country strong. I have compassion for those that feel left out or think they don't have a chance to make something of themselves, but now more than ever we need stronger capitalist policy, not stronger social equity. We are loosing our edge to compete in the world and its not because we don't take enough care of the disadvantaged amongst us.

    Sorry, but the democratic way is the last thing we need right now. My dad's favorite line is "when was the last time you were hired by a poor person?" There's a lot to think about in that statement.
  9. Lil_Tate

    Lil_Tate Well-Known Member

    believe me... u r not alone.
  10. Un-shore

    Un-shore Well-Known Member

    We came close to a total colapse of our society last night save the fact that the senate did not gain enough seats for a fillibuster proof majority. That would have given the dems supreme control over or azzes. And you know what they want.

    There must be a higher power.

    We are safe for now but it is still going to be a struggle as they try and redifine our America. I'm predicting 4 miserable years and then back to reason.

    My personal view of our new "leader" is best left in my home. Lets just say that his ideals are not in the best interest of most Americans whether they realize it or not.
  11. tom_in_orl

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    A little background. I voted 3rd party and wish more people could think past two choices. I am a Ron Paul conservative. Minimal government, fiscal responsibility, conservative approach to foreign affairs with an acknowledgement that we have over meddled for the past 50 years in others affairs irresponsibly, but most importantly government is obligated to follow the US constitution. Socially I am for equal civil rights, separation of church and state, ethnic diversity and while we are at it I am a NRA life member and pro life. 8 years ago I supported McCain over Bush.

    Theoretically republican economic prinipals are generally closer to  my ideology than democrats but the republicans strayed from their economic agenda by bringing in more decisive and polarizing politics. During the Gingrich and Bush era's they emphasized income and religious differences. Somewhere in all of that decisiveness the republican base turned ugly. Call it the Rush Limbaugh effect. So the divide became greater and the rhetoric uglier. We could all tolerate that though.

    With Obama, 8 years of Bush, and our war on terrorism the political landscape changed. My opinion is the republicans, lead by McCain now, miscalculated it. They questioned Obama and essentially all liberal's patriotism. The radical conservatives attempted to label Obama a Muslim and then a terrorist by association. They inferred that some of us live in the real America while others don't. This back fired and the election became a referendum not only on the economy but the culture war the republicans tried to wage. The irony being that they wage it against what was generally an apathetic non-voting group. And as you now now McCain and several other republicans lost big.

    Looking forward, some republicans will continue to wage a lengthy and divisive hate campaign. My opinion is that that they are a loud but slowly dwindling group. I don't think they will go away but they will continue to try and divide the country. Individuals will need to continue to question why negative remarks and politics continue to be propagated.  People like Rush Limbaugh will continue to stir it up because it makes him money. Those of us who are members of the republican party need to start looking for positive approaches to rebuilding the party while stamping out the bigots.

    So what is next with Obama? According to conservative Weekly Standard editor, Bill Kristol, Obama will be mostly a centrist president and there is no reason to be worried now that he is elected. I tend to agree. Obama is a Harvard graduate and extraordinarily talented. The argument that he has no leadership skills is baseless. It was part of the McCain campaign's strategy to try and get his base to fear what could happen vs what has happened under republican leadership. Another aspect of a horribly run campaign.

    Did I just say all that out loud
  12. cal1320

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    When are they going to start the ''share the wealth'' thing. I want to get in line early before the money runs out.
  13. phishphood

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    I wonder how Obama feels about a jackplate vs. a TnT?
  14. tom_in_orl

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    Now that is funny. ;D
  15. deerfly

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    I think he cares a great deal, and if asked, I'd bet he'd tell you if you felt you deserved one over the other, then you should have it, as should all Americans who dream about such things. :)
  16. Gramps

    Gramps Living &amp; Dying in 3/4 Time


    A jackplate is cruel & unusual punishment where as TnT is just messy. If I may speak for Mr. Obama.

    P.S. Spell checker says "Obama" does not exist... :-?
  17. phishphood

    phishphood Beer is good, Beer is good, and stuff!

    Thanks man, I'm starting to feel better already. Heck, I should just go ahead and order that new boat too.
  18. deerfly

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    Tom, I agree with most of what you said, except the part about assuming Obama can manage and represent the USA because he's a Harvard graduate. In nearly 30 years of my professional career I've worked with dozen's of Phd's from the marine sciences to Wall street Venture capitalist's and I haven't seen a correlation between higher education and an ability to manage anything. The Nextel commercial goof, with the fireman running congress or what ever chamber is more telling than most people realize.  ::)

    As they say time will tell, but for now I'm worried...
  19. acesover

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    As he said in his acceptance speech this morning, "Change may not come next month, next year, or even next term", As a true polititian, he is backpedaling already...