Afraid? Who? Me?

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    A Florida State Trooper pulled over an 80 yr old lady recently.
    When she surrendered her drivers license she also handed her CWP to the officer.
    The trooper asked if she was armed and she replied "Yes."
    When asked with what she grinned and said

    "Well young man, I have a Colt .45 automatic in the glove box.
    A 9mm Glock in the console and a S&W snub nosed .38 in my purse."

    Somewhat taken a back the trooper asked, "Lady, what are you so afraid of?"

    She giggled and said "Not a dammed thing!"
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    God Bless Her !!!
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    HA! That's a good one Brett!
    When I get a chance I need to PM with a similar type of story.