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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by TheBrazilNut, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. TheBrazilNut

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    I'm looking for a VERY SMALL .38 or 9mm for carrying once in a while. Anyone have some suggestions on a good value one?

    I have a .40 Glock for home defense.

  2. cal1320

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    For a throw in the pocket gun, the LCP or Keltec P3AT are the best value for the buck. LCP has a slide lock and the KT doesn't. LCP at gun show should be around $260. I have had both and both functioned perfectly. I carry the .380 sometimes,but feel undergunned in some neighborhoods I have to go to. A better alternative is a .45 Kimber ultra carry. Conceals very easily under a t shirt. 7 rounds of 230 grain vs the 90 grain in the .380.
  3. cvilt

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    Check out the Sig Bulldog .380 semi. Rates good the revolver not so good. A buddy does some tactical training and said his guy's love it
  4. DuckNut

    DuckNut Brandon, FL

    If you can't shoot - the judge is the answer. A .410 shotgun shell in a revolver.
  5. AfterHours2

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    Google Diamondback handguns. I have a few police buddies and thats the only 380 they will carry. I think the guns are made in cocoa. If they are good enough for a cop then they are probably one of the best around.
  6. TheBrazilNut

    TheBrazilNut Guest

    I'm pretty sure I'll be going with a Ruger LCP w/laser sight.

    Thanks for the info!
  7. YanceyM

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    Yeah that's the way to go. You've almost have to have the laser on one. The sites are so hard to see being black on black. I've had mine for about a year and a half and I take it everywhere with me. Never had 1 issue with the gun. You should be happy.
    There's not many guns you can have in your boardshorts and no one know it's there.
  8. DJ

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    Have both the lcp and the Kimber utra carry,, saying the sites are poor on the LCP are true but this is a point and shot. If you want a pocket carry the lcp is nice for the $$ I also love the sig p238 reminds me of my kimber with the size of the lcp. Really depends on what kinda carry you want? and how much you want to spend.
  9. TomFL

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    Have a bunch of daily carry pistols and usually don't go places without one.

    I can tell you a few things about the LCP; I've had mine since they first came available. Mine has had feed issues in the past but Ruger took care of it, so customer service is good.

    Most people with larger hands (like me) don't like the LCP because it's simply too small. A laser would be a good idea unless it fits you and you shoot it enough to become proficient with it.

    They are not all that accurate at anything outside of the realm of what they were designed to do. So public range time is a waste unless they have a real close target for you and allow rapid fire. I joke about mine and say that unless it's actually touching skin, you ain't gonna hit anything in a situation where you need it. But, it's better than nothing.

    Look at and handle a S&W 642, hammerless .38 special. If you get one put some wolf trigger springs into it. Dang near as hideable as the ruger LCP, NEVER fails or jams (and if a round is a dud, just pull the trigger again), fits larger manly hands perfectly and is a ton more accurate and instinctual shooting. At least for me. Also great for a lady because it's foolproof.

    If you can hide the LCP, you can hide the 642. You'd be surprised at how well that gun hides.

    Another good choice is the single-stack 9 from Kel-Tec. PF9. Slightly larger than the LCP but with a lot more pop. Again, easily concealed, never had any reliability issues with mine, and it's made right here in FL.

    Look into Thunderwear...

  10. topnative2

    topnative2 Well-Known Member

    keltec .380--drop in ur pocket accurate enuf for the job...hit and get out.........
  11. CISbrown

    CISbrown Got Phish?

    I strongly recommend the Kel-Tec PF-9. It is light weight, with no loose components (doesn't rattle), and has a reasonable stack trigger pull. A 9mm has cheaper ammunition and is easier to find than .380. That is what you are paying for in the long run.
  12. djorgens

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