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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by orlgheenoer, Apr 29, 2007.

  1. orlgheenoer

    orlgheenoer Well-Known Member

    My gheenoes CmC trim n tilt unit is broke and I dont know how to fix it by myself. Central florida marine told me $300 to fix the unit. I can get a TsG jack plate for that price ::). But, the big deal is I am gonna be selling the boat soon anyway so I dont really want to put allot of money into it.

    what should I do...

    A. take it to CFM and let them fix it for you.

    B. get the jack plate it is more durable then the CmC.

    C. tak3 $300 off your asking price.
  2. captnron

    captnron Guest

    IMHO - Take $300.00 off the asking price based on a boat with everything in working condition. The buyer may not want a CMC, you break even and they save $300 bucks.

  3. tom_in_orl

    tom_in_orl Founder of Microskiff, Member of the Gheenoe Army

    Take it off and sell the boat with out it.
  4. LoneRanger

    LoneRanger Temporarily Boatless

    set the boat on fire while on the water, let it sink, in surance will cover it all!

    you do have insurance right? :eek:

    L.R. ;D
  5. buck

    buck Well-Known Member

    setting it on fire would be cool, take off $ 300, less hassle for you.
  6. captnron

    captnron Guest

    OK, gotta ask. Do you feel like the boat is more marketable with the CMC removed or with the option if the new owner wants to repair?

    I honestly feel that a boat is eaier to sell "ready to run without repair" vs one that requires repair to use.

    Maybe the correct answer is to remove the CMC and give it to them in a box?
  7. tom_in_orl

    tom_in_orl Founder of Microskiff, Member of the Gheenoe Army

    Yes, especially to potential 1st time boat owners.

    If the buyer is knowledgeable then this may be a negotiating point.


    What is so broke that they want 300 to repair it? Is it still just that one little piece?
  8. beavis

    beavis Well-Known Member

    you mean CMC's are not supposed to do this

  9. JRH

    JRH Well-Known Member


    Nice! Trimming your motor that far up is about the only way to avoid the rocks in Ozello.......
  10. whitesnook

    whitesnook Guest

    Tanner don't know how to play with the rocks so that's how it end up........Ozello 1 Tanner 0............lmao!

    At least I helped u out with your motor so u can go back fishing!
  11. tom_in_orl

    tom_in_orl Founder of Microskiff, Member of the Gheenoe Army


    Your a mod. You going to take that ;D
  12. tojo

    tojo Well-Known Member


    I say fade the price back $300. Penny for penny you will never get your money back and if you fix the TnT you run the risk of excluding potential buyers who want a jackplate instead.

    As far as removing may have more buyer appeal leaving things as is...

    This might just be a blessing in disguise ;)

    Now, just how many rocks did you "kiss" at Ozello? :eek:
  13. orlgheenoer

    orlgheenoer Well-Known Member

    One to be exact, LR tought me well but, I still dont know it like he does.
  14. captnron

    captnron Guest

    If that's the case, I think I'll just learn it on my own. ::) ::)
    Course, we gave him 50 bucks to run right next to that rock while you watched. ;D ;D ;D
  15. tom_in_orl

    tom_in_orl Founder of Microskiff, Member of the Gheenoe Army

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