Adding Side lighting to a trailer

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  1. redgheenoe

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    I've been thinking about adding side lights to a trailer. I have a small, low to the ground performance trailer for my gheenoe and I wondered if side lighting would add an element of safety on the road. My tail lights are standard bulbs and I wondered can you mix led side lights with the standard tail lights? Also, most side ights say sealed...would they be submersible if I was at a ramp that called for it?
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    I will be doing my side lights tomorrow  Got to do this set on the cheap but will be looking into something better next time ...

    My research show led lights to not be the best choice I will  post a link in a few minutes ...

    These are the finest lights money can buy ! USA MADE !  FK CHINA !!!   IMHO YMMV ...LOL

    and the price is surprisingly reasonable ...

  3. redgheenoe

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    Guess I should have said I was making the lights out of plywood. Might have got more response.
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    Plywood sidelights...I'd be interested in seeing that build... :)

    Sidelights are required on trailers here in Florida, last time I read the regulations.

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    Wiring 'em is as easy as any other 12 volt light that I've worked on.
    Positive wire, negative wire and a mounting bolt.