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Adding rod holders behind the middle seat. '03 gheenoe Classic

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I am running the boat from the center seat as it is a Stick Steer.

I like to have an extra rod "troll" behind my boat whenever I am drifting and casting off of the front deck. I already mounted Scotty Rod holders on the front of the furthest back seat. They work OK...but...they are really too far away for me to easily reach...either to put the rod in; or to grab the rod if/when a fish strikes.

Climbing over the back of the middle seat in a hurry is not what I want. I'm old and don't move as well as I did in my youth! Ha!

Even if I replace my middle seat with a rotating seat, my long legs aren't going to easily clear the Stick Steering device..nor..on the other side, the Merc's electric power controls.

So, I'd like some rod holders installed much closer BEHIND me..while I am seated on the center seat. Due to the location of the Gheenoe's side panels...a Scotty would have to be blocked out a good five inches to do its job. Also, it would probably be too low to clear the rod handle, due to the Gheenoe's low mounting board. Blocking/extending out a Scotty's or other rod holder doesn't seem to offer a good solution.

A Scotty's mounted on the rear of the middle seat doesn't leave any room for the rod handle to properly protrude through the rod holder.

The gunnels are plastic, and not very sturdy, IMHO.

I'm going to assume that there are other guys who have had similar problems and have already come up with a good solution. What say you all? Thanks ( again) for all of the help that this group provides. Rich
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some pics might help us better help you, probably gonna be something on the custom side though :cool:
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