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A1-FEB waterfowl hunt this winter... anyone ever been?

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Newer Duck Hunter Here,

The A-1 Flow Equalizer Basin..

Went and scouted it last weekend with the flat-back canoe and the troller.. really cool place.

Only ducks seen were right off the levee roads, we got ourselves pretty well in the middle of the place and saw a TON of bird life, some ducks flying..lots and lots of coots.. and mostly deeper water. plus the bass fishing was really fun, it was last Friday.. the day before the cold front, they were definitely fired up!

From what i can tell there will be no wading (deeper water), we are planning on bringing a second canoe or kayak for bird retrieval. This place is big with large expanses of open water, different from the STAs.. and lots of marsh in between. I am new to duck hunting but hunt with a buddy whos experienced however, any advice on technique or approach is much appreciated!!