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  1. touimet

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    So my man cave (garage) is starting to be taken over by a insects (appear to be roaches....) the ole' lady is tired of watching me jump up and down on them when I turn the lights on and they scatter. So before it becomes a real epidemic I was looking into putting a bug bomb in there for the recommended time or spraying the area, or bla bla bla.

    Here is my question, I keep all of my tackle in the garage as well as the boat. I have everything from saltwater fly tackle to gummy bass worms. Do you think the pesticides would have a negative effect on all my tackle since all of those chemicals would be flying around? I just have this image of a nice redfish cruising the flats, a perfect little crab appears to be placed conveniently between her eyes and she gets a whiff of something less than tasteful and does a u-turn while flipping me the bird...

    My tackle box of course is sealed for the most part, soft bass tackle in ziploc type bags, flies in fly box. But what about braid sitting on the spool out in the open? I mean those chemicals are designed to reach sealed areas to kill the insects?

    I just wanna make sure I didn't contaminate hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of tackle.

    Maybe I need to bring everything inside for a few days? The ole' lady is gunna love me for decorating our living room how it should be decorated.

    Any ideas?
  2. NoeSmyrnaBch

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    If it leaves doubt in your mind why chance it? Bring it in!
    That said, its probably made with worse chemicals than what you'll be spraying :)

  3. swampfox

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    No idea. But make sure you turn off flame/spark sources like pilot lights and dryers.
  4. topnative2

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    bring em in the house and u will get divorced......

    spray the baseboards w/ home defense spray---then roach motels------and borax/boric for a kill shot

    -----cause u will be bringing the roaches inside the house
  5. timemachine

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    I'd give this stuff a try first, it's pretty cheap from the home depot:


    I've used it before on bugs, and they don't like it.
  6. AfterHours2

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    Use Bengal around all entry ways and baseboards. Wait a day and repeat. They may still be around for a day or 2 but I guarantee that it will kill them..
  7. cutrunner

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    Makes you wonder,
    If "the great outdoors" is so great, then whys it always trying to come into my house??
  8. touimet

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    Thanks for all the great advice. What's weird is these little buggers are only in the garage (for now) so I don't think I will have to do anything inside. I have a freezer out there and I think they are attracted to the motor or the electricity I am unsure.

    I could care less about the rest of the house, my first concern is the gear of course ha.

    Cut, you're so right.
  9. formerWAflyfisher

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    Check your boat. I had a similar problem until I found the roach hotel turned out to be the bilge in an old hewes I bought. Don't bring the gear in you'll bring them in the house. Have fun and isn't FL/GA/general south grande?
  10. gillz

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    My brother-in-law recommended this stuff to me and I just applied it in my garage and around the house this past weekend. Its called Diatomaceous Earth. You can get it in food grade (eatable) and its supposed to be very effective at killing arthropods. It takes longer to kill them, but its non-toxic and in the garage where it won't was away it should be effective for a long time. He got me some somewhere online, but I think they sell it at HD also, but not food grade.
  11. touimet

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    They better not be in my boat or I am buying one of those awesome salt guns and playing terminator.

    The diatemacious earth is interesting, I have heard of the stuff before but never for this use. Definitely going to look into. I couldn't imagine that stuff effecting the gear no?
  12. MariettaMike

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    DE used to be popular for swimming pool filters until some study claimed its a carcinogen. I know you can get it at Leslie's pool supplies.

    If you can pour it into your pool skimmer by the pound, then I wouldn't worry about it effecting your gear.
  13. tomahawk

    tomahawk Well-Known Member

    My Lowe's store has the DE as well.
  14. DuckNut

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    You don't need a bug bomb - just spray the poison at the base because they simply follow the wall and do it every once in a while.

    Use the DE and lightly sprinkle it 20 feet by 1 foot on each side of the garage door on the outside of the garage.

    DE works very well on snails that eat your wife's flowers too.
  15. coconutgroves

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    Use boric acid. Google "cockroach boric acid" and you'll find tons of tips on how to use it. You can sprinkle in the corners and also mix with sugar, flour and water in small containers. Place the containers (like gatorade lids) behind and under things - the roaches will not only eat it, but carry back to their nests. It's worked for me, much better than sprays.
  16. touimet

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    I dont think that should effect the gear either which is great.
  17. noeettica

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    Advion ...

    the "Pro's" Secret !!! ::)
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